Firm Profile

We believe our long-term success in the accounting profession is due to our emphasis on understanding our clients' businesses and personalities and converting this knowledge to creative financial assistance. Our clients' business goals should ultimately determine the course of our work. Our approach is to identify these goals and implement a strategy that will achieve them.

Our practice serves a diversified group of privately owned entities, real estate investment partnerships, large family groups, non-profits, and individuals. Our clients include commercial and residential real estate developers and operators, elevator construction companies, and a number of companies in the service sector, including legal and consulting firms.

From our inception, we have worked with clients on the structuring and formation of multiple flow-through entities. We have been engaged to perform due diligence work for acquisitions, and to represent clients in the sale of their businesses. We have issued financial statements to meet requirements of various lending institutions, institutional investors and government agencies. Our extensive experience has led to litigation engagements and expert testimony in circumstances of divorce, damage assessments in medical malpractice claims, breach of contract and family discord.